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FLOW Facial Cleansing Oil

FLOW Facial Cleansing Oil

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Pave your path to fresher, healthier skin with FLOW Facial Cleansing Oil, an enchanting blend that's designed to nurture your skin with its potent natural purity. Crafted with high-quality base oils, herbs, and essential oils, this 2 oz dropper bottle of cleansing oil delicately removes impurities while combating puffiness, inflammation, and dehydration to leave your skin feeling immensely nourished.

 Key Features:

• Coconut Oil that offers rich hydration.

• Rosehip Oil that aids in new skin cell generation.

• Argan Oil to safeguard your skin's natural barrier.

• Soothing and moisture-locking Sweet Almond Oil.

• Chamomile for skin regeneration.

• Antibacterial Lavender.

• Ylang Ylang, Cistus, Bergamot FCF, Vetiver, Myrrh essential oils create a lovely aroma and concentrate on reducing inflammation and brightening the skin.

Take a moment to offer a deep breath of kindness and respect to your skin's needs. Embrace the gift of clean, revitalized, and naturally radiant skin with FLOW Facial Cleansing Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Mother’s Day Gift

I gifted this to my mom, along with a few other of Brooke’s wonderful products for Mother’s Day, and she instantly fell in love with them especially the cleansing oil. Needless to say, my mom is already a big fan, and I will definitely be ordering more of these fantastic products again in the very near future.~


Great stuff!

Silky smooth

Left my skin super soft like silk. Didn't make my skin oily like I feared. Great ingredients and smells amazing.

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