Brooke Marie Bridges speaks about overcoming mental health challenges so young people can learn to identify, articulate, and understand their challenges in order to develop self-compassion and resilience. Book her now.

About Brooke

Brooke speaks about what it was like growing up as a child actress and all of the anxiety and worries about perfectionism that came with it. She discusses her own experiences with mental health challenges throughout her childhood and into her young adulthood, and how those manifested in negative coping behaviors such as alcohol abuse and self-harming behaviors, hoping they’d help her escape from the pain she felt.

She discusses how after a cross-country move and a soul crushing breakup, she had planned to take her own life, but miraculously chose to seek help instead. She talks about how feeling completely hopeless actually opens doors for you to do things you never thought possible, and once you begin to realize that real change is available for you, you can be vulnerable and figure out how to turn your challenges into your greatest tools.

Brooke speaks from a place of understanding, love, and a reverence for nature, plant medicine, and an unwavering faith in our own ability to connect with our true selves and with one another to bring about personal and collective healing. Loves to speak about anxiety, vulnerability and healing through storytelling, the impacts of social media on our mental health, how you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, especially yourself, and anything about herbalism and nature immersion and how those things can contribute to our overall wellbeing.

Featured Talks

Keynote/Assembly 01

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

This is Brooke's signature, most inspiring talk!

In this presentation, Brooke outlines her own struggles with mental health challenges when she was a teenager. She outlines how looks can be deceiving, and that no matter who you are or how you appear to others, the most important thing is how you feel, and if you're not feeling strong, that's okay, but it's something that should be talked about!

Brooke gives takeaway skills that she has used for healing that students can use for their own path to healing.

Keynote/Assembly 02

SHAME: Our Imperfections are Perfect

In this keynote, Brooke talks about how Shame has played a role in her healing, and how at times it has made healing hard because she almost felt like she didn't deserve to feel better because of the negative coping mechanisms she used in the past to deal with her anxiety and depression.

In this keynote, Brooke shares the scary feelings of shame, and how to overcome them through recognizing behaviors that trigger feelings of shame and how to breed self-compassion despite those feelings of shame.


Social Emotional Learning Through Storytelling

Brooke's keynote presentations tend to get kids inspired and motivated to start sharing their stories and discussing the challenging emotions that they've been dealing with.

In 2020, Brooke developed a curriculum that paired the 4 pillars of SEL with storytelling as a vehicle for understanding.

The 4 pillars are: Mindfulness, Emotional Management, Interpersonal Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. Storytelling is the 5th, so we can begin to understand how our own stories fit within those learning objectives.

In these workshops, Brooke goes over the 5 pillars of SEL, and how to begin sharing our own stories with those we know and those that we don't, so that we can build understanding, compassion, and resilience.

Custom Talks

Brooke has developed custom presentations, keynotes, and workshops over the years for different needs and desires. If you're looking for something special and customized, please let us know!

Healing through Nature

As an herbalist, farmer, and nature-lover, Brooke shares the magic of nature with audiences in hopes they utilize it as a resource for healing. This is a presentation best done outside when the weather is nice.

Brooke will lead participants on a foraging walk where they will identify wild medicinal plants, and learn grounding techniques in nature.

If desired, a gardening workshop where participants can plant their own flowers with pots, seeds, and soil provided by Brooke will be present.

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Brooke is a captivating speaker that keeps the attention of middle, high school, and college students alike. She helps them feel less alone and shares her own story so they can better understand and articulate their own.

She helps parents, teachers, and social workers better understand the young people in their lives so they can help them better navigate the struggles they endure.

Minding Your Mind Presentation at Providence College

College Students

Brooke has spoken at colleges and universities about the challenges of putting on a facade in order to please others.

She helps students feel less alone as they navigate the high stress stakes of university life.

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Minding Your Mind Presentation

Middle school & High School

Middle and high schoolers love Brooke's story because they see themselves in it. The challenges they currently endure, Brooke has struggled with at their age. She is speaking from experience, wisdom, and reflection.

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  • MYM presentation

    “I just wanted to reach out and tell you how blown away I was by Brooke's presentation today. I received more positive feedback from students and faculty alike than I have on any other mental health programming I've brought in. She was relatable, personable, and most importantly, hopeful. Our Q&A was fantastic, and the line to meet with Brooke after the event was many students deep."

  • MYM Presentation: High School Student

    "I think it was very informative. Many young people likely appreciate Brooke as well as me because of how open and vulnerable she is to share her story in hopes of helping others. I can relate to some of her experiences which feels very validating but I think that it is still helpful for people who can't relate because it is giving them insight on how to support others. One thing I took away from her presentation was DBT. I've tried multiple different types of therapy before but I would definitely be interested in this and will look into it more. I'm very grateful for people like Brooke."

  • MYM Presentation: High School Student

    "I thought Brooke’s presentation was insightful because many high schoolers today deal with mental illness and most often are undetected from themselves and the information Brooke provided being her story can give other people the idea that maybe they are struggling with a mental illness and should seek help."

  • MYM presentation: School Counselor

    "Brooke was amazing and delivered such an impactful message! She truly is great at what she does! Ryan and I were talking and think she would be a great person to have come back and talk to other audiences as we continue to move forward in the process of impacting our entire school community. Brooke certainly set the bar exceedingly high from my perspective!"

  • MYM Presentation: Middle School Teacher

    "Thank you so much for presenting virtually to our students. The feedback from students and teachers has been nothing but positive. Your story really spoke to our school community and seemed to resonate with a lot of our students."

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