Interested in Custom Herbal Products?

Are you interested in a holistic self-care plan? Are you hoping to reduce your stress level, swap our your chemical-filled products with all-natural alternatives, and learn more about what you're puttin gon your skin?

Our Promise to You

Slow Beauty means Small Batch

Our focus is on creating medicinal and herbal remedies for the body that are slowly and lovingly curated, grown, and infused. All products are small-batch and made with sustainably sourced and harvested materials.

Homegrown and Local Botanical Ingredients

Many of the herbs and flowers featured in our products are tenderly seeded, planted, harvested, and processed by Brooke, our founder! Our skin is our body's biggest organ, so what we put on it is just as important as what we put in it. Growing at home means we can ensure our ingredients are free from harmful chemicals

Sustainability Focused

We are striving to boost sustainability in all aspects of our business. From packaging, to sourcing bulk ingredients, it is our goal to care for our bodies and the planet.

Skin Care

Discover our all natural, preservative free skin care collection infused with homegrown... 

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