Are you interested in customized skin, hair, and self-care products? Book a full consult for a thorough herbal regimen, or order a custom tea blend or scalp oil.

Discover the herbs for your personal healing

In our private, 1:1 herbal consultations, we will curate an herbal regimen for all of your skin, hair, and self-care needs. We approach this process with a lens of Vitalism and Holism - meaning, even if your skin is your primary complaint, we focus on your whole self to find the best remedies for YOU.

Herbal Consultation Process

15 minute discovery call

During this free 15 minute call, we will talk about your skincare and self care goals and decide if the consultation is the best fit for you.

1 hour+ Consultation

Once we've mutually decided to work together, you'll book your 1 hour consultation with me, and we will talk about your goals, primary complaints, and history in detail.

On occasion, we may need more than one call, and we will book that additional time during this consult, if needed.

For a 1 hour consult, it will cost $150.

Formula Recommendations

During this block of time, I will take what we discussed in our consultation call and curate a recommendation for you based upon the intake.

This process will generally take between 7-10 days. I will make general recommendations and product recommendations. Depending on your individual needs, the recommendations may range from herbal teas, tinctures, skin oils, moisturizers, body butters, scalp oils, hair rinses, and more.

I will send you a detailed email, including any product pricing, and you will decide then if you'd like to purchase the custom products from me.


Once we've agreed upon the regimen, I will get to working on the custom products made specifically for your needs!

This stage can take approximately 5-7 days. The products will be shipped directly to you, with shipping included in the product cost, and you will be able to set up a subscription if you desire, so they're shipped to you monthly or bi-monthly.

Follow Up

During this stage, we will stay in contact to ensure the products are working for you. You will notify me immediately of any reactions or responses, positive or negative!

Your products can be adjusted once for no extra cost, and any additional adjustments will require an additional intake.