Northeast Early Spring Foraging

Northeast Early Spring Foraging

Spring equinox is here which means foraging season has nearly arrived in the Northeast and is buzzing in other parts of the world.

As we get closer to the days where the mud and damp lessens, the sun shines more brightly and for more hours of the day, and the wild medicinal plants become more abundant, we wanted to share our three favorite Springtime foraging plants, and what we use them for so you have a chance to forage too!

Early Spring 

Chickweed | Stellaria media

Chickweed hugs the ground and tends to grow in a matted mess. It is easy to overlook if you're not looking for it, and appears rather unassuming. 

Chickweed is probably one of my favorite plants of all time. Not only is it edible and delicious, sort of like a heartier spinach, it's also extremely medicinal and especially good for the skin! Chickweed is moistening and cooling, so it's perfect for inflamed mucous membranes and hot, dry constitutions. 

Chickweed is excellent for rashes, bug bites, burns, etc. If you have a rash or dry, itchy skin that won't ease up with other means, make an infused oil with a medium absorption oil like Avocado or Jojoba oil into a salve and enjoy the instant relief. 

Infusing vinegar, or honey and vinegar, with chickweed and taking a dropper full daily helps the body better absorb and assimilate nutrients and break down fat. 

Infusing chickweed into a slow absorption oil like coconut oil, sweet almond, or olive oil will make a great massage oil for parts of the body that feel congested such as lymphatic tissue or a bloated abdomen.

Cleavers | Galium aparine

Cleavers, similar to Chickweed, grows everywhere. It's super easy to find once you know where to look. It grows in shaded areas with damp soil, and you'll often find it wrapping itself around other plants.

Cleavers is cooling and detoxifying as well as astringent. It is especially suited for the urinary tract, and can be sipped as an infusion to help ease the pain and inflammation of issues in the urinary tract.

Cleavers, combined with Chickweed, is great infused into vinegar as a spring tonic to help move lymphatic tissue and ease inflamed conditions like tonsillitis.

Use externally as a wash or infused into a slow absorption oil like sweet almond for inflammation of the skin from things like acne and eczema. 

*warning - people using blood thinners or bp meds should not use cleavers as it can increase the potency of those pharmaceuticals*

Dandelion Flowers & Leaves | Taraxacum officinale

Dandelion greens are a tasty addition to any saute. They are a bit bitter, but dressed up with garlic and butter they're not only delicious but they are super nutritious!

Medicinally, dandelion is a bitter, cooling herb that can be eaten (flowers too!) and turned into lovely medicines. The root has a special affinity for the liver, and has been used as an alternative to coffee. It is known as a "blood" cleanser, as it helps the body better detoxify through the liver. The root can also be used to help with inflammation in the joints by drinking a decoction (a strong tea).

Infuse the blooms into a lovely light oil like argan and turn into a soothing balm with beeswax and shea butter to help with skin conditions like eczema. 

The leaves can be drunk in a tea to help move fluid out of the body, especially related to edema. 




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