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Brooke's Botanicals was founded during the cold winter months following the birth of my first child, Lyris. Postpartum anxiety brought to me a surprising feeling of lack. Was I still the creative entrepreneur that I was before I had my baby? I questioned my ability to create and put things out into the world (even though I had just birthed a whole human!!); all while spending lots of time making food and handcrafted medicinal remedies for myself, my friends, and my family. I became happily engulfed by making botanical remedies from herbs I had grown myself. 

I focused on ailments that are tied to the postpartum period and new motherhood - creams and masks for dull skin from breastfeeding and lack of sleep, scalp oils and butters for shedding and brittle hair, and nipple butters and whipped body butters for the overall feeling of neglecting my self-care. 

All of the remedies in my shop have been tried and tested by me and those closest to me. They are made with love, intention, and birthing parents in mind. We deserve to feel pampered by nature's most luxurious elements; from the dirt, to the herbs to the mushrooms.

Some of the herbs are grown by me! My goal is to have at least 80% of the herbs and mushrooms grown right here in Grafton NY, and the rest to come from local growers, sellers, and distributors. Everything not homegrown is sourced fair trade and/or organically, as much as possible.

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